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Family L Early Spring Maternity Photo Session l Norfolk, VA

Updated: Mar 12

A sneak peek of a family maternity photo session on this early spring day. All photos by Virginia Beach maternity photographer, Stephanie Stephenson Photography.

As the winter chill begins to melt away, and nature starts to awaken from its slumber, there's a special kind of magic in the air. It's a time of renewal, of growth, and of new beginnings. And for one beautiful family, it's the perfect moment to capture their growing family.

With the promise of warmer days ahead, family L eagerly ventured into the great outdoors for their early spring maternity photo session. Wrapped in excitement, they embarked on a heartfelt journey to document this precious chapter of their lives.

Against the backdrop of nature's canvas, they shared tender embraces, sweet laughter, and reveled in the miracle of life growing within. This expectant mother's radiant smile spoke volumes of the love and anticipation she held for the new life blossoming within. I'm so grateful for getting to preserve these moments for this sweet family year after year.

I'm excited to share a few of my favorites from their maternity photo session:

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